Restorative Supplements: RepairVite



It likely is no surprise to you that gut health is foundationly important for an individual to experience abundant health.  Oftentimes, astute healthcare practitioners propose that disease begins in the gut.  We would have to agree.  

While we utilize many different tools to augment gut health, one product we would like to highlight is RepairVite.  This product is a part of many of our gut-healing protocols because research supports the primary ingredient, L-glutamine, aiding in promoting tight-cell junctions within the intestinal lining of the gut.  Many have heard the term "leaky gut" and this condition is partially due to the breakdown of the tight junctions in the intestinal tract.  This unique formula also includes other phytochemicals that may nourish the gastrointestinal tissue.  There are even beneficial enzymes within this product to enhance the breakdown and digestion of food particles.   Additionally, this product incorporates other plant compounds that are  intended to support the enteric nervous system which is an extension of the autonomic nervous system that governs the function of the gastrointestinal tract. 

If you suffer with gut dysfunction, an autoimmune condition, neurological disorders, or any other chronic illness, this supplement may help in your healing.  Please reach out to our doctors about whether or not this product could be a part of your healing protocol.