CrossFit Level 4 Trainer, CrossFit HQ Trainer, CPT, USAW Coach, Owner of CrossFit King of Prussia

“Dr Turner has been part of our Community for the last two years. I speak on behalf of my members and myself when I say we couldn’t be more satisfied being under his care. He is more than a chiropractor, he looks into everything from a holistic approach and provides the solution and remedy that’s best for each individual. There isn’t just one answer, everyone is different and he helps us down the path to get the most from our bodies. His professionalism is top notch. Personally, I have felt the best I have in years with weekly maintenance and the musculoskeletal alignment he provides.”


NSCA-CPT, CMT, CF-L1, Owner of CrossFit Proven and CrossFit Fidelity

“Dr. Kevin Turner is hands-down the most knowledgeable, thorough and complete practitioner that I have had the privilege to work with, in over 16 years experience in the field of health and fitness! I not only entrust my athletes to Dr. Kevin’s direct care, but my children as well as myself have been dramatically impacted by his knowledge base and his ability to apply it.”

Daniel Allen


“I have been working with Dr. Kevin for the last year and find his approach to care outstanding. He is a great communicator in the fact he listens to every person intently. He makes you feel that your time is as important as his. He takes the time to thoroughly evaluate your concern; then applies the most evidence-based treatment to the cause, not just the symptoms. He has taken care of me, my wife, and even our 8 month old son; all with great results. I really appreciate having a colleague like Dr. Kevin available to take care of me and my patients.”

“Dr. Kevin Turner is an excellent diagnostician that is easy to talk to. An athlete himself, he has a real passion for sports medicine and utilizes a conservative treatment approach. He is caring and responsive to my patients needs; always willing to go the extra mile to help. My patients appreciate his holistic approach to their health and total well-being. I am pleased to recommend him to my patients, family, and friends.”

Stacey J Kuhns

MD, Monarch Integrative Medicine

Dylan Meanix

CF-L2, Owner of CrossFit
Valley Forge

“Dr. Kevin has been instrumental in keeping my life moving forward! I have a physically demanding job as a Landscaper and I am also a partner at Crossfit Valley Forge. If not for his help, I would be someone on the sidelines of life, not only unable to do what I enjoy most, but also, and, more importantly, I would be unable to support my family. Dr. Kevin is patient and thoughtful, always listening about my progress or setbacks, then tailoring my visit to make the most of our time. When I leave I have clear instructions on how to proceed until our next visit. Dr. Kevin also helps our members at Crossfit Valley Forge in the same manner. He understands our methods and how new and old pains can interfere with our day to day routines. I have confidence in his abilities and always refer CFVF clients to him. We put high demands on our bodies, and Dr. Kevin helps us to continue the pursuit of improved fitness.”

“I first met with Dr. Kevin Turner after having another bout of lower back pain from my very active lifestyle. I could barely walk and was looking for comfort of any kind. In the beginning of our appointment, he was very thorough in his assessment of my injury. Once he determined how to correct my issue he did it with care, not to aggravate it any more. What I remember the most about that day is that Dr. Turner explained to me what I do to cause this condition and how to prevent it from happening again. This is an injury that I’ve had many times, seen many doctors and up until our meeting no one has ever explained that to me. That right there is why I keep him in mind whenever I need chiropractic care. His honesty and dedication to keeping people healthy are second to none. In addition to my personal experience, I’ve referred many of my own friends, family members and clients to Dr. Turner and they have all had their own great experiences. For as long as he’s around, I will continue to be a patient and supporter of Dr. Kevin Turner. Thanks for everything you do!”

Mike Armento

CF-L1, CrossFit Rock Solid

“My son is 10 years old. Up until a few months ago he had to wear a diaper to bed because is would wet the bed every night. Six years ago when I asked my pediatrician about the bed wetting I was told he would just need to grow out of it. The muscle needs to develop. He also mentioned it could be hereditary. I then found out that my brother-in-law also had the same issues until he was 13. The odds were against my son. My son would not go to scout sleep overs, church camp and if he would sleep at a friends house it would only be ones who he trusted. Then a few months ago I took him to see Dr. Kevin for something totally unrelated and just happened to mention that he still wets the the bed at night and explained what the pediatrician had told me. Dr. Kevin said he may be able to help with it. Instantly we saw a difference. My son went from wetting the bed every night to maybe once a week. Now the bed wetting is down to few and far between.I give Dr. Kevin all the credit for helping my son with this situation. My son’s confidence is increasing and he is so happy when he tells me he had a dry night. Thank you Dr. Kevin!!!”


Coatesville, PA

“Dr. Kevin is a miracle worker! When I first came to Dr. Kevin’s practice, I could hardly walk. My hip hurt so badly that I had to walk slightly bent over. I could not go out to do anything; hardly making it to work since I could barely walk — and not more than a few steps, at most, and in pain all the time. I was convinced that he would not be able to help me. So glad I was wrong!! After a few visits, there is no trace of pain; I can do what I have been doing all my life! I will continue to see Dr. Kevin on a monthly basis as I do not want to take any chance of the problem recurring. As I said, Dr. Kevin is a miracle worker!”


Wilmington, DE

“I cannot say enough about Living Well, and specifically Dr. Kevin. I have endured severe and debilitating stomach issues much of my life. Dr. Kevin has been wonderful, and for the first time, given me hope that I won’t have to feel awful the rest of my life. Through something I have never thought possible, he was able to relieve my severe nausea. I am beyond grateful! I can’t recommend Living Well enough!”


Downingtown, PA

“Dr. Turner is a consummate professional who asks questions and listens to the patient, creates positive results with great skill, and is completely up to date in his field. I recommend his services and the services of the practice in which he is a partner without reservation.”


West Chester, PA

“Dr. Kevin Turner, Let me start with a big “thank you”. I have been having headaches that would not go away. I was very impressed that your adjustments allowed me to stop taking the Advil I had become so dependent on. I really appreciate your time and consideration in answering my questions and taking it easy on me. Thanks again and God Bless!”


Downingtown, PA

“I went to Dr. Kevin for a persistent back pain and was not sure he could help. Not only did he get rid of the back pain, I have slept better than I have in years. Dr. Kevin provided care that was so thorough and specific to my needs I was blown away. Now my pregnant wife is going to him about her back pain and she felt better after just one visit! ”


Collegeville, PA

“When I thought I was surely out of commission... first with a shoulder injury then with a wrist injury... not once, but both times 100% success on Dr. Kevin’s part. Words can’t express the relief and excitement that came from knowing I wouldn’t be sidelined. In a world that doesn’t wait, PROPER recovery is a must!!!”


Exton, PA


Lionville, PA

“I came to see Dr. Kevin Turner for the severe pain I was having in my hip. I was having trouble sleeping, walking and standing up from sitting. I had to stop exercising which was making me gain weight. Daily activities were becoming more and more difficult. In just two visits Dr. Turner was able to make the necessary adjustments to relieve my pain. It has encouraged me so much because I thought I would just have to live with the pain. He gave me a new lease on life and I am so thankful.”

“Dr. Kevin Turner, chiropractor, diagnosed and then treated the cause of severe pain on my right side that arose from the trauma associated with a fall while running late in 2010. His reading of an MRI scan revealed how the spinal nerve was impinged by inflammation and a disc in my neck causing rhomboid, trapezius, and triceps muscles to spasm—a reading missed by the hospital radiologist. His diagnostic skills are second to none. His hands are the most gentle I have found in off-and-on chiropractic care for more than 25 years. I am blessed to have found Dr. Kevin and now to be under his maintenance care, particularly as I am pain free over the past couple of months.”


Chesterbrook, PA


Malvern, PA

“Dr Turner is a terrific Chiropractor, who takes time to listen to the issues and then proceeds to take the necessary steps to treat the condition. He is a wonderful health professional. I recommend him to everyone.”

“Dr. Turner has provided fantastic care. He cares for his patients and takes his time to get to know them. I highly recommend him.”


Chester Springs, PA

“I would recommend Kevin to anyone. If you have an existing condition, a new condition or perhaps are on the fence about Chiropractic Care in general. He gave me expert advice and talked to me in a way no other professional has and understood the pain I was experiencing was real . After my initial office visit I began to feel better. He is always on time and very professional in and out of the office.”


King of Prussia, PA

“I am so thankful for Dr. Kevin. I was involved in 2 vehicle accidents within 2 months of each other. In both cases my vehicles were totaled. In the second accident, an 18 wheeler took me out and I sustained damage to my neck causing multi-level degenerative disc disease which in my case was causing radiating pain down to my arm. I had very little range of motion (I moved around like a stiff robot) and had to be very careful how I engaged with my 3 children so they would not aggravate my injuries. Over the course of about 7 months, Dr. Kevin helped me get my range of motion back while helping me train and strengthen my muscles to develop posture habits that would allow my body to heal itself. I am almost 100% recovered at this point and I am able to enjoy all the physical activities I did prior to the accidents. Because of the nature of auto health claims, I had to see multiple doctors and specialists; however, none of them gave me the care, attention, and education that Dr. Kevin provided. Once again, I am so thankful for Dr. Kevin.”


Coatesville, PA

The Complete Cellular Restoration Program has improved my health tremendously. I started in late January 2017 and did the Prep Phase, the Body Phase and 2 Brain Phases.
So far my health changes are as follows:
-No more Restatious or Tear Drops for my eyes
-No allergy medicine needed for the Spring Pollen
-My thyroid function (TSH) is still improving. I started the program on a dose of .175mcg/day of thyroid medication and I was just reduced to .125/mcg. My thyroid doctor says the this is impossible and he keeps accusing me of doing something myself to affect the results. Time to get a new doctor!
-I feel great, have lots of energy, can focus better, my memory has improved and I can recall items and events very quickly.
-I also feel stronger and leaner.

We are still tweeking my progress as I have some Gallbladder issues to correct before I go onto a maintenance program. Dr. Kevin has worked very closely with me to make sure I become the best that I can be at my age (59)!

He is a very caring and conscientious person and caregiver. Dr. Kevin explores all avenues of you, mental and physical to make sure you are living to your potential in this complicated world!
The investment in Complete Cellular Restoration and Dr. Kevin has improved my life tremendously!


Downingtown, PA

I decided to try out chiropractic after all other conventional treatments's my story.

I started feeling pain and discomfort in my lower abdomen, groin area and my testicles after my 2 year old daughter jumped up and landed on my pelvis fairly hard as I was laying on our hardwood floor. It lasted through the night and I was unable to sleep due to the pain. The next morning I was so nauseous, then vomited and went back to bed thinking I had a stomach bug and I just needed some rest. I was uncertain of what was going on with my body because my symptoms were strange and my testicles were in a lot of pain. The next morning, I decided to go to the ER to get checked out. They ran all kinds of tests including a CT scan of my lower abdomen, CT scan of pelvic area, a bunch of blood work, urine test and an upper abdomen and testicle ultrasound. All tests came back normal and I was without a diagnosis. The ER doctor instructed me to follow up with my family doctor.

Still in pain, a few days later I was able to get an appointment with my family doctor and he looked at my CT scan and blood work from the ER and checked me for a hernia and other things, but still nothing conclusive. He said he didn't think I had a hernia but he referred me to a general surgeon to get further checked out. I was able to make an appointment with the general surgeon but it was about a week before he could see me. At this point my symptoms subsided a little bit but I was still in a good bit of pain and being a contractor I was unable to perform my normal daily tasks, so I spent my days on light duty activities.

The general surgeon verified I didn't have a hernia and suggested it might be an epididymitis infection and wrote me a prescription. I knew it wasn't what he thoughts because all my blood work came back good. Now going into the third week of pain and discomfort my wife suggested I go see her chiropractor. She had great success when Dr. Turner was able to adjust her shoulder and neck which relieved numbness in her hand.

So I gave it a shot. From the first meeting with Dr. Turner I felt at ease and felt like this is the place I should be. He looked at my CT scan from the ER and right away he noticed a problem with my L5 and S1. He called it Spondylolisthesis... it's a mouthful. He told me that radiology should have picked out that problem because of how obvious it was, and he showed me on my scan. So finally, after 3 weeks of being in pain I had a diagnosis! He began to work on my lower back and hips and after the very first visit I finally felt some relief! Now after 2 months of adjustments by Dr. Turner, I am for the most part completely pain free; every once in a while I'll aggravate that area of my back due to my job but I just get an adjustment and I'm good to go!"


Malvern, PA

I've been competing in the sport of Strongman for 3 and a half years. It's been rewarding in every single way. It has helped me grow stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. I've learned that value does not come from appearance, it comes from inside. I've also realized that the only limits are the ones I put on myself, so if I remove those limits I can achieve anything. I've been to Nationals 3 times, and placed 2nd last year which qualified me for Worlds. I recently competed at Pennsylvania's Strongest Woman and placed 1st, qualifying me for Women's Worlds this October. Competing is very taxing on the body mentally and physically. It's important to take care of yourself by fueling your body appropriately, getting enough sleep, and keeping up with stretching and mobility. I've been going to Dr. Kevin for 3 years now and can't say enough about how he has helped me stay healthy. Without his help I can't say I would have made it as far as I have in this sport. For any athletes looking to improve their game and stay healthy while doing so, I highly recommend Dr. Kevin. My future plans include continuing to work hard and get stronger in hopes of achieving my professional status one day.


Glenmoore, PA

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