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What is Osmosis?


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 We are thrilled to offer Osmosis Our Medical Skincare at our clinic.  At Restorative, our chief goal is to identify and uproot the underlying causes of health concerns; helping our patients achieve vibrant health.  We believe healthy skin comes from the inside out.  Skin problems such as acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, and aging all have roots in inflammation.  Conventional Skincare products add inflammation to the skin and therefore further the progression of unwanted skin symptoms. 


Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare is a doctor-developed Skincare line comprised of non-toxic ingredients that bring dramatic change, healing, and restoration to the skin.  Osmosis utilizes 17 patented ingredients to bring lasting health and healing to problem skin conditions.


Why Osmosis Skincare is so effective 


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1. There is always an internal aspect to what is happening in the skin.  Even ancient cultures knew that the appearance of the skin acts as a window into the health of the body.  At Restorative, we go to great lengths to support our patients and clients through a functional medicine framework to achieve vibrant health on the inside. That is why we offer Osmosis; to support the work clients are already putting into their health goals. 


2. Osmosis supports the skin rather than abusing it:  Most conventional products contain toxic ingredients and utilize harsh exfoliation that cause inflammation in the skin.  Free of toxic chemicals such as SLS, phthalates, parabens, gluten, and artificial colors and preservatives, Osmosis removes inflammation from the skin and strengthens the skin's immune system. 


3. Osmosis penetrates deep within the skin:  In order for skincare products to achieve change and healing within the skin, ingredients have to get nutrients deep within the skin into the dermis. Using liposomal delivery, Osmosis' well researched, non-toxic active ingredients penetrate into the deeper dermal skin layers and are able to target lesions within the skin while supporting collagen and elastin production.  Most conventional skincare products on the market only have a meager 2-5% penetration, and therefore unable to make any notable difference.   Using liposomal delivery, product penetration increases by 600 percent which is critical for true skin transformation to occur. 


4.  Osmosis repairs DNA:  Osmosis works by activating and strengthening the DNA repair centers in the skin cells.  Utilizing patented technology, Osmosis gives the skin necessary tools to support the skin to rebuild collagen, provide sun protection, control and normalize pigment, prevent scarring, heal broken capillaries, and be restored. 



If you have skin concerns that you are struggling with, Dr. Ashley offers half hour skincare consultations.  During this time she will listen to your concerns, begin to discern the source of the problem, and develop a plan to bring restoration and radiance to your skin. 

Skin has a wonderful ability to repair itself and Osmosis permanently restores the health and beauty of the skin.  Our patients could not be happier with the results and we are sure you will be also. 


Osmosis Testimonials

"I have basically had bad skin my whole life.  I’m 54 and still get pimples.  My skin has changed over the years so that now I have fewer pimples,  but now I also get bumps and brown spots.  When I was introduced to Osmosis products at Restorative Chiropractic I was very careful to follow the regimen that Dr. Ashley put me on and my skin is now smoother, clearer, and looking good.  My favorite products are purify for twice daily cleansing, rescue, restore, quench plus and protect for sunscreen. I love that this product line is safe for my skin and natural.  I use some of the other products intermittently depending on how my skin is doing.  A huge thank you to Dr. Ashley for her time and expertise in helping me find just what I need!  
I also love the Osmosis makeup!  I love knowing that I am using something on my skin that won’t harm it, that is natural and makes me look natural."  ~ Tracey

"Osmosis products are amazing and worth every penny!  I’m currently using the Purify enzyme cleanser and Rescue serum to help heal and repair old scar marks from acne.  I also use the Clarify, which is a blemish serum that works almost instantly on any blemish I get.  It is probably my favorite product.  I also use the Catalyst AC -11 and the Clear activating mist.  Thanks to Dr. Ashley, this skincare routine has changed my life!  I have always struggled with acne-prone skin so to have something that actually works and is good for my skin with out all the chemicals makes me so very happy.   I’ve tried everything in the past and have been so very grateful for this amazing skincare product."  ~Amanda