Pickled Eggs


Memories of spring gatherings warm my heart as I prepare this traditional family recipe.  These vibrant pink eggs are sure to enhance your Easter celebration this year as well.  Healthy for your gut and full of nutritious fats and proteins, pickled eggs will nourish the body and soul as you celebrate spring with your loved ones. 



One dozen hard-boiled pastured eggs

The juice from 1 quart of

Fresh herbs of your choice


Peel and rinse the hard-boiled eggs.  Arrange the herbs and eggs in a half gallon mason jar, or two quart jars.  Fill the jar(s) with pickled beet juice.  Top off with filtered water if needed, leaving about an inch of headspace.  Ensure the eggs stay beneath the brine with a fermentation weight.   Allow them to "pickle" for 6-12 hours at room temperature and then transfer to the refrigerator.  The longer the beets stay submerged within the brine the deeper the color will be.  About 3 days is the sweet spot, but can last up to 10 days.   Serve with pickled beets