The environment that surrounds your body is foundational to vibrant health.  Making changes to your diet and  lifestyle can be confusing and overwhelming; especially for those dealing with significant health concerns.  We would like to ease the transition to make this season stress-free and even fun!   As a traditionally trained naturopath, busy mom, and nutrition educator, Dr. Ashley walks you through how to practically and realistically transition to a more holistic and health-promoting lifestyle.  


During these consultations topics discussed could include but are not limited to:

broth lifestyle.jpg

* Stocking a real-food kitchen

* How to shop for convenient, health-promoting options

* Practical how-to's for preparing healing foods

* Detoxifying your home and work environment

* Raising a healthy family

* Tips and inspiration for living holistically 


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Please note that both Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ashley also practice Functional Medicine for those who are seeking to dig deeper into the root causes of illness.  These consultations are designed to compliment our Functional Medicine patient's care as well as for those just wanting to get sound advice on navigating how to make healthy choices for themselves and loved-ones.